Revolutionizing Donations

A startup that invents a new form of donation: not money but food. We try to make money from the “long tail” of streamers through non-traditional forms of donations

Designer, Co-founder

Marketing materials
Ux Concept
Ui Concept
Ux/Ui Design


Product Goals

  • Test the hypothesis that food donations work

  • Find a marker fit

V 0.1

Beginning with a Minimum Viable Product that served a singular purpose—food delivery. I was responsible for the initial branding and design of the landing page and personal account.

V 0.2

After testing the hypothesis, we began to look for a model with which we could make more money. To do this I prepared a second version of the personal profile, more complex, but which allowed us to add as many features as we wanted.

V 0.3

Now we are making a third version with a chatbot, cryptocurrency and adaptive order system.


We launched the startup with our own money, so I had to find a balance between the complexity of development

We work in a new market, and we have to explain a lot about what it is and how it works. We do that with text and video.


Finding investment is a separate job: pitches, stories about the project, arguments with the team about how to get it right — it’s all something I’ve never done before