Redesign of PetStory MVP App for Pets

PetStory is an innovative pet service brought to life by Mars. Eager to expand their business, our client envisioned a mobile application that would offer telemedicine services and additional conveniences for pet owners. Our mission? To reimagine and enhance the existing MVP of the PetStory app, crafting a captivating design to entice users.

Head of design

UI Design

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As the head of the design team, I held the responsibility for envisioning the PetStory app's design. My colleagues and I took charge of the app's visual aspects, such as the interface, artwork, and communication.

Step 1: Defining the Aesthetic

Our journey began with the quest to define the app's overarching style and visual appeal, aimed squarely at capturing the hearts of pet owners. We assembled a crack team of designers and embarked on an illuminating briefing session to cultivate multiple design concepts. I personally lent my insights to the creation of diverse "Look and Feel" alternatives.

Step 2: Design Selection

After weeks of intensive design labor, we meticulously selected the design option that radiated the most allure and resonated with our target audience. Rigorous testing of this design was carried out with a select group of users, ensuring its resonance and alignment with user needs.

Step 3: Application Evolution

With our design choice locked in, we set about a comprehensive overhaul of the PetStory MVP. Our expansion endeavors encompassed telemedicine, the incorporation of a pet-friendly location map, veterinary clinic appointment booking, and an array of other services. A novel feature, the "Care Plan," was also devised, empowering pet owners to subscribe to automated deliveries of pet care essentials.

Step 4: Crafting a UI Kit and Fine-Tuning

To ensure uniformity in our app's design, we meticulously crafted a UI Kit. This tool facilitated the creation of new screens and functionalities, all while preserving the app's distinctive style and user experience. Our entire design team embraced this UI Kit, thereby expediting development and securing a coherent visual identity for the app.

Step 5: Gradual Development

In tandem with our design endeavors, our development team laid the foundation for a phased app development strategy. This involved the seamless integration of our fresh design and functionality into the existing app framework.

Step 6: Enhancement and grows

We embarked on the refinement of existing services such as telemedicine and others. A slew of new features tailored for doctors and administrators was introduced, streamlining their interactions with pet owners and easing their workflow.

We diligently tracked user interactions with our newly introduced features using Firebase and AppsFlyer. Our analytical team conducted exhaustive research and data analysis to continuously refine the product.


  • The app garnered exceptional user ratings (4.8) and a remarkable Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 72.

  • Our project clinched the prestigious "Best User Interface Award" on Behance, a testament to the superior quality of our design.

  • With over 10 million users currently engaging with the app, it has become a household name among pet owners.

  • More than 420,000 consultations with veterinarians have been facilitated through the app.

  • The app empowers users with online veterinary consultations and a one-stop hub for their pet's health records.

  • A cutting-edge subscription service, driven by pet data, recommends tailored pet food and delivery schedules.

  • Users can effortlessly place orders for pet food and care essentials, alongside discovering reputable clinics for appointments.