Together with my team and on my own, I have created and developed products from idea to customer for various clients and sectors: healthcare, fintech, insurance, retail, etc.

Continuous Improvement

Product design is a daily routine to improve metrics and achieve strategic goals. Developing the design system, increasing customer loyalty, improving the workplace for employees are just some of the tasks I have worked on with colleagues.

Creation of New

It's always inspiring to do something new. With my diverse experience, I'm able to creatively approach the challenge of doing something that hasn't been done before, helping the team to rethink approaches, find unexpected meanings and inventive ideas.


The agency is often called upon to give a new meaning to an old one, or to solve a problem, because of its extensive expertise and ability to look at a problem from a new angle. My team and I increased conversions for the largest media company in the country. Created a modern website for an independent TV news company. Improved the look&feel of an elite clinic.

Design Concept

I've been lucky enough to lead teams that are open to vision. And so we've often been hired to just think 'what if'.

Visual Communication

Communicating meaning through the visual and evoking emotion to get the message across is what I learnt on the Visual Communications course. As a result, I have been able to work with brands such as McDonald's, Unilever and Coca-Cola, turning briefs into interactive and static stories with my incredible team.