Alfastrah. Design system & redesign

One of the largest insurance groups in Russia with several services, sites and applications

Head of Design

UX Design

UI Design

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Product Goals

  • Increase the speed of delivery of new features to customers

  • Make the design more consistent and modern.

  • Implement the design system in the work process.


We started by converting a design from Photoshop to Figma.

Then we build the UI kit by the atomic system. I have chosen this framework as the most proven.

Then we prepare the main screens of all general services and deliver them and the UI kit to developers. My design team prepared a detailed description for all components. Engineers used Storybook to host our design system.


New features are made according to WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards.

We reduced front end dev’s workload: now they do the smart work, like logic and integrations, either to write HTML and CSS.

UI designers are engaged only for improvements of a Design system and adding new features.

The team now has time to do a lot more experimenting: they can assemble the necessary screens from ready-made blocks themselves.


The company has many different services and products, making a universal design system was not easy


Design System helps to test more hypotheses.

It’s better to focus on the design of basic organisms during development: they are responsible for the consistency of the design.