Auto sales service in Kazakhstan is the major service for selling and buying cars online, which is based in Kazakhstan.

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Product Goals

Launch the first version of the service in 8 months: branding, website and mobile apps


At the start of the project, business analytics described a clear vision of MVP's composition. That is why we decided to work by the waterfall methodology to meet the deadline.

Even at the initial analysis stage, we did the branding and then the design concept. And prepared a UI kit.

We prepared the information architecture in parallel with a detailed description of the first stages.

We organized a conveyor of features. Analysts passed technical requirements to UX designers. UX designers passed prototypes to UI designers. UI designers assembled all design versions of the UI-kit (desktop, adaptive, ios, android) at once and handed them over to engineers.


We made the first version of the product, on which the client tested the local market, drew conclusions and went on to develop it with their team.


It was hard for me to keep all the teams in sync for eight months. But we did the preliminary work: we analyzed competitors in other countries, created the flexible information architecture and UI kit. That's why we managed to meet the deadline.


If the composition of the project and its result are clear, it is faster to do by a waterfall methodology

Now UI is completely changed by the client, but the foundation we laid was right: we were helped by a deep analysis of competitors and the client's requirements